Remediating Dyslexia is not a one-size-fits all approach. Certified Academic Language Therapists create individual treatment plans using research-based instructional materials.  Each student presents a unique combination of academic, social/emotional, or even physical difficulties that require an analytic and prescriptive approach to develop each lesson. An experienced therapist has a deep knowledge of the structure of the English language and the expertise to incorporate a wide range of training materials, resources and teaching tools when designing each student's educational plan. 

The following are a few examples of training materials, resources, manipulatives and tools Tara uses in academic language therapy lessons.

  • Alphabetic Phonics

  • Take Flight:  A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

  • PreFlight:  An Introduction for Young Students to Take Flight

  • Multi-sensory Teaching Approach (MTA)

  • Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)

  • Developing Metacognitive Skills (Comprehension)

  • Scientific Spelling

  • Structured Word Inquiry

  • Writing Skills

  • Writing Matters

  • Step Up to Writing

  • Framing Your Thoughts

  • Winston Grammar

  • Montessori Multi-sensory Grammar

  • Word Detective: The History of Our Language

  • SOAR Study Skills

  • The Shelton School Study Skills and Organization

  • Worksmart for Dyslexics

  • Touch Math

  • Math Their Way

  • Montessori Multi-sensory Math

  • Cognitively Guided Instruction in Mathematics

Remediation treatment for Dyslexia I The Written Word Learning Center


  • Orton-Gillingham based Dyslexia Therapy:  Private, Semi-Private, Small Group (Take Flight:  A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia)

  • Take Flight Dyslexia Teacher Training

  • Academic Support for Students Who Need Help with Specific School Subjects

  • Dyslexia Screening/Shaywitz Dyslexia Screener

  • Handwriting Assessment/Dysgraphia/DeCoste Writing Protocol

  • Dyslexia Simulation/Awareness Workshop (Parents and Educators)

  • Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies

  • Written Expression (Composition and Handwriting) 

  • Executive Function Skill Development

  • Comprehension Skills

  • Math/Dyscalculia

  • Instruction for English Language Learners (ELL)

Mrs. Chapman’s instruction was more than just teaching my son how to overcome the challenges of dyslexia. She has literally changed the course of his life forever. She met my son at the level he was learning, and gently guided him with encouragement every step of the way. She kept me informed of his progress, educated me about dyslexia and how I could help him at home. One of the greatest things about Mrs. Chapman is her understanding and compassion for children like my son.
— H.R. (McKinney, TX)