About Craig



As the Chief Marketing Officer of The Written Word Center for Dyslexia and Learning, Craig leads the hands-on development efforts and execution of all brand-related developments for the Center. Craig is the steward of the brand across all touchpoints; website, digital, and social media. Regarding the Center, he designs marketing campaigns to drive revenue and awareness within the marketplace while focusing on medical, educational, parent, and support groups. In addition, Craig oversees all business operations including finances and maintaining the property.


ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRITED, a results-driven strategic leader with a unique blend of hands-on experience in a broad range of Retail, Brand, Loyalty, Small Business, and Non-Profit marketing business practices.


Driven to develop CUSTOMER CENTRIC strategies that incorporate consumer and market research, brand development, enterprise marketing strategies, campaign optimization, and customer relationship management.


A dynamic BUSINESS LEADER and PARTNER with over 25+ years of leadership experience. Possess a unique blend of talent to engage and leverage the appropriate key business partners and cross-functional teams to a common purpose and vision.



Craig is an exceptional talent with the ability to understand the business needs of his customers and develop comprehensive marketing initiatives to drive the business. He displayed an uncanny ability to manage multiple tasks and projects, balance the needs and wants of key stakeholders inside and outside of the building, and always displayed a holistic mindset to the campaigns he built.  J.S.

Craig C. Chapman | The Written Word

Craig is extremely efficient in strategic planning for large enterprise marketing teams and equally strong in managing cross-divisional opportunities. Craig is a collaborative business leader with blended expertise in both traditional and digital marketing strategy. He is always current on customer and industry trends and leverages his understanding to consistently drive business results through teams.  B.R.

Craig Chapman | The Written Word

Craig is an extremely talented individual with excellent interpersonal skills and a keen sense of urgency. He possesses keen insights into the consumer and is able to interpret the information in order to position the brands and, above all, drive business.  S.S.

Craig C. Chapman | The Written Word