What Are Top Reasons for Take Flight Training?

  • TAKE FLIGHT is an ORTON-GILLINGHAM based dyslexia curriculum.
  • A RESEARCH-BASED, well-designed program using scientific evidence supported by the 5 components of effective reading instruction.
  • KEY FINDINGS show students who complete Take Flight instruction gain significant growth in all areas of reading skill.
  • TIER 3 INTERVENTION targets students who need intensive remediation.
  • THOUSANDS of students served each year through 13 U.S. TAKE FLIGHT therapist training centers. The Texas-based MCA- Multisensory Teacher Training Instructors are in Wheaton, Illinois.
  • Developed in TEXAS, a state that has the oldest standing dyslexia laws on the books.
  • ACCREDITED BY ALTA so trainees can earn certification and the professional credential of CALP/CALT (Certified Academic Language Practitioner/Therapist).
  • ACCREDITED BY IMSLEC whose purpose is to accredit high-quality training courses for professionals.
  • ACCREDITED BY IDA to produce highly knowledgeable and skilled teachers of reading.

IMSLEC | The Written Word Center for Dyslexia And Learning
IDA | The Written Word Center for Dyslexia And Learning