Branding and Marketing Services

Craig Chapman | Branding, Marketing and Consulting | The Written Word

Here are some of the services we offer specifically designed to help small business owners or start-ups:


    • We want to get to know you and your business to help develop a relevant brand identity that will better align with your company’s business, character, principles, and voice.
    • A detailed analysis will be created outlining how people see your business by thoroughly researching and analyzing your current brand positioning.
    • In addition, we will help establish a new brand positioning on what makes you unique and on what differentiates you from the competition and connects with your target customer.


    • Our focus is to expertly assist small businesses or start-ups in keeping their brand, and marketing strategies, and digital presence current and relevant.
    • We will provide an analysis of your current positioning on your website, social media, and SEO/SEM. This analysis includes actionable tactics that can be implemented by the business owner or by our team.
    • We can build or update basic websites (i.e. Squarespace). If a more customized website (i.e. WordPress) is needed, we can provide referrals to local digital professionals.


    • Our Co-founder, Craig, has many years of hands-on experience developing and leading marketing campaigns across many business sectors;  Retail, Brand, Loyalty, Small Business, and Non-Profit.
    • Craig is available to provide consulting to discuss business ideas or strategies.  In addition, he can provide a point of view on what your business really needs.
    • The founders of The Written Word will assist in getting you plugged into the local business community or chamber by simply connecting over a cup of coffee or lunch.


Craig Chapman | Branding, Marketing & Consulting | The Written Word

As the Chief Marketing Officer of The Written Word Center for Dyslexia and Learning, Craig leads the hands-on development efforts and execution of all brand-related developments for the Center.  Craig is the steward of the brand across all touchpoints; website, digital, and social media. Regarding The Center, he designs marketing campaigns to drive revenue and awareness within the marketplace while focusing on medical, educational, parent, and support groups


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