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😃 It was a fun and empowering NoticeAbility Entrepreneurs & Innovators Summer Workshop!


We decided to offer NoticeAbility to our students, as well as students in surrounding communities, in hopes that we could help them realize that there is more to their dyslexia than remediation. When students are ’finished’ with an Orton-Gillingham based remedial program, and they have learned how to strengthen their literacy skills and compensatory strategies, we believe it is important to build on strengths, and that is a life-long journey.

A lot of students we work with have poor self-esteem, and can’t shine in school the way they could if they had the right support. So NoticeAbility’s course was one way to offer an opportunity for kids to shine, to showcase their strengths and talents. We hoped to make that kind of a difference for our families and our students.

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